About Us

Let's Do a Play was founded in the hopes of enabling art. Many people are hesitant to do theatre because of budgetary concerns, others because of a lack of knowledge of where to find plays and musicals.

Let's Do a Play wants to kill those two birds with one stone.

Our goal is to provide quality plays and musicals for every age group and occasion in an affordable manner. Putting on a production shouldn't break the bank before you even have the first rehearsal. Heck, you sometimes end up spending a sizable chunk of change buying plays to read in order to find one you actually want to do. Then, you end up spending another chunk of change on the royalties.

Because of all of this, the founding principals of this site are as follows:

  1. Every play and musical on this site is free for anyone to read.
  2. Anyone can do one of our plays or musicals royalty free if the audience gets in to see it for free. (See Rules and Rates for a complete list of rules regarding free productions.)

This enables shared creativity on both sides of the proscenium. People who don't normally get to do theatre actually get to do theatre, and people who don't normally get to see theatre are exposed to the wonders of possibility in this fantastically creative art form.

Now, we aren't naïve. We understand that people also want to do theatre the normal way: making some money (or even making a living) creating the art they love. That goes for people involved in every step of the process: from the playwright to the actors to the director to the set, lighting, and costume designers to the production crew. We understand that higher production values mean that you have to make some of that investment back with ticket sales.

If this is more your speed, we want to make sure that our play and musical creators get their due without financially hindering your ability to create quality work. Take a look at our Rules and Rates page to see what we feel to be incredibly reasonable royalty rates. And, because we want to support our artists, 80% of all of the royalties go straight to the people who created the art. (Try to find a better distribution rate. We dare you!)

Now, what are you waiting for?! C'mon! Let's do a play!